Source code for pathsjson.impl

import json
import jsonschema
import os
from collections import OrderedDict
from pathsjson.resolution import Resolution
from pathsjson.helpers import *

SELF_DIR = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))

SCHEMA_FILE = os.path.join(SELF_DIR, "schema.json")

[docs]class PathsJSON: def __init__(self, file_path=None, src_dir=None, target_name=".paths.json", enable_env_overrides=True, enable_user_global_overrides=True, validate=True): if file_path is None: file_path = find_file_asc(src_dir, target_name) if file_path is None: raise IOError("No `{}` file found!".format(target_name)) self._file_path = file_path self._enable_env_overrides = enable_env_overrides self._enable_user_global_overrides = enable_user_global_overrides self._validate = validate self.reload()
[docs] def reload(self): """ Reload the path definitions. """ file_path = self._file_path enable_env_overrides = self._enable_env_overrides enable_user_global_overrides = self._enable_user_global_overrides validate = self._validate with open(file_path) as fp: data = json.load(fp, object_pairs_hook=OrderedDict) if '__ENV' not in data: data['__ENV'] = {} if enable_user_global_overrides: data = patch_with_user_globals(data) if enable_env_overrides: data = patch_with_env(data) inject_special_variables(data, file_path) if validate: with open(SCHEMA_FILE) as fp: jsonschema.validate(data, json.load(fp)) self._src = data self._paths = to_paths(expand(data)) return self
def __getitem__(self, args): if isinstance(args, tuple): k, args = args[0], args[1:] else: k, args = args, tuple() return self.resolve_path(k, *args)
[docs] def resolve_path(self, k, *args, **kwargs): return self._paths[k].resolve(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] def resolve(self, k, *args, **kwargs): return Resolution(self.resolve_path(k, *args, **kwargs))
@property def all_resolvable_paths(self): paths = OrderedDict() for k in self._paths: try: paths[k] = self.resolve_path(k) except ValueError: # Missing non-default arg pass return paths def _ipython_key_completions_(self): return list(self._paths) def __repr__(self): ks = sorted(list(self._paths)) return "PathsJSON($keys=[{}])".format(", ".join(ks))